How Can You Create the Best Shower Routine?
A great shower is a perfect thing. Most people think a morning shower is the best way to start their day and a cup of coffee. However, most people do not think much about their shower routine. Most people go in the shower, then lather their body and rinse off. However learning the best way to shower is very important.
Before showering, brush your hair so that you can reduce any tangles when it becomes wet. If you brush your hair before swimming or showering, you reduce any hair damage or breakage. Use this resource to learn more about showering without damaging your hair.
Ensure you shower with the right water temperature. Showering with warm water will leave you feeling great all day, and it will not dry your hair. Do not shower with hot water because any natural oils from your hair will be stripped off and it will be dry and brittle. Avoid spending a lot of time in the shower. This way you will save your water bills. Long showers will damage your hair and leave your skin dry. Make sure you take only five minutes in the shower.
Learn how to properly shampoo your hair. Some people think that to wash their hair they need a cheap shampoo to lather on their hair and rinse it off. This will not keep your hair looking healthy or great as it is not an optimal method. Shampooing your hair has some proven techniques which you should learn. Add shampoo to your hair after you rinse it with warm water for a minute. This way you will loosen your hair and rinse off any residual dirt and oils that the hair fibers have collected. Do not directly squirt shampoo at the top of your head then rubbing it in the hair. The best way is applying the shampoo to your hands, rubbing your hands together to get a nice lather, then massage the lather in your hair thoroughly and smoothly. Ensure you have evenly and thoroughly applied the product for effective shampooing of the hair. Lastly do not rinse it off quickly instead wait for a minute then rinse it and notice the difference in your hair’s health.
Finally, do not rub your skin with a towel instead pat it dry. This will keep your skin soft and healthy and concentrate on all skin folds. For a beautiful and healthy skin, always remember to moisturize it. If you make this shower routine a part of you, your skin will remain young and soft for decades.