Downtown Atlanta Apartments

Downtown apartments in Atlanta are a recent addition to the downtown area’s lodging options. Downtown Atlanta, the central business district of the city of Atlanta, maintains furnished and unfurnished apartments that are convenient for business travelers, relocated employees, and those in a transit stage of building a house.

For many years, downtown Atlanta was only a business center. The Summer Olympics in 1996, and the major revitalization campaigns have imparted a modern look to this region. Downtown Atlanta has undergone many renovations and modifications to maintain its attractiveness. Many housing facilities were added in the consecutive years, and it has become the location for a number of skyscraper apartments.

Downtown apartments are specifically designed to support the city’s new retail businesses and cultural ventures, and they add style and elegance to the streets. Almost all apartments are located close to deluxe hotels and state-of-the-art conference centers. Luxury apartments are recent additions to this downtown area. Apartments catering to individual preferences such as price, location, nearby school districts, nearby shopping areas, restaurants, churches, pools, and exercise facilities can be selected.

Apartments are built in garden-style and town-home floor plans, with attractive facilities and amenities. Furnished and luxurious apartments are equipped with facilities such as air conditioning, balconies, fireplaces, and high-speed internet.

Rental apartments are accommodation options fit for any budget and lifestyle. Studies reveal that the market for downtown apartments has increased in recent months, with more people opting to stay in apartments rather than individual houses.

Downtown has both new and renovated apartments for rent and for sale. You can select from private or public-private partnership apartments, which are available with varying sizes and rental rates. Centennial Place, City Plaza, and Lofts at Muses are some of the downtown Atlanta apartments.